Bespoke property by Luxe Trophy Properties, the backside of Aspen, Colorado, ranch land

About Your Luxe Trophy Property Team




The snow-resistent, woodsmoke-smelling, BMI-Optimized, guns-of-steel can do crew. Diurnal by nature these creatures rise wide-eyed before dawn, often inside ethical-down-filled sleeping bags on a mountainside or deep in a canyon. Their agile movements can be tracked to the most extreme natural spaces on earth – scaling an ice shelf, kayaking a trophy trout stream, though a coastline path close to home will do as well. They conquer in packs of three or more, quick with a high-five or rallying cry. Fuel is 2,200 calories a day of cashew butter and power proteins; a whey clif bar is located in the chest pocket of their chest waders. Phones stay off, save for the obligatory early morning hike to the top of the ridge Instagram photo which catches the sun off of the valley and peaks, toned arms raised in triumph, endorphin-triggered grins across sweaty, happy faces… This is how to spot our property guests and owners.




Let Luxe Trophy Properties be your digital detox! Mountain and outdoor living means different things to different people. It’s been said time and again, that life slows down on a Luxe Trophy Property no matter where it is located, and we think that is true. But for the residents and visitors of our Luxe Trophy Properties in the mountains or on the farms the pace reduces even further, The dramatic views, the abundant wildlife, the soothing silence, the late nights on the porch with a glass of wine and lively conversation – those are the things that transform a mere corner in the landscape to your prominent one. It is life-changing wonder filled luxury. 


If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community of artisans to build a truly unique outdoor experience. This is one of our goals that we had when we formed Luxe Trophy build a sustainable community for everyone to enjoy.




Booking a trip with one of our exceptional property agents has huge upsides! They remove the burden of the niggling details (the gear, the flight transfers, the recreational vehicles to choose from, hunting or fishing or both) but far more than that, they have insider knowledge, the prolific contacts, the exclusive access, and the sharp instincts to transform a vacation into an experience of a lifetime, whether it’s tracking Trophy Whitetail Deer through the open fields and thick oak forests of Missouri, or fishing on some of the best tail waters around. This site provides you a taste of Luxe Trophy Properties and the Luxe Outdoor Lives that we share with you. We also know how to enjoy our time with Reluxe Lifestyles. 


Life can get crazy, but your Luxe Trophy Property should be a place of refuge on which you and your family can rely. Let us design and create and share with you a serene environment no matter your tastes. Keep calm and Luxe on.

About Our Founder

The Founder of Luxe Trophy Properties has always been drawn to water. It really doesn't matter if it's an ocean, a stream and waterfall, a river or a lake. The drive for this started at a young age with the creek in the woods adjacent to his childhood home, or maybe it was the pond he built for a confirmation gift that he received from his parents in the backyard.

Water is beneficial to the entire human race! From it's healing properties to the gift of life it provides, it is essential for all life to exist. Water is one of the most powerful natural elements on earth, from it's force and from it's natural beauty. 

This is why Luxe Trophy Properties makes sure to purchase land around water, near water, or on water, so that these beliefs that once begun as a childhood fascination, has grown into a stewardship program, a protection program, a way of life, and the inherent need to always protect our resources... Starting in the beautiful United States of America.


                                     - W.L., Founder


Research and development company exclusively for the Luxe Brands
Bespoke vehicle builder and designer for jeeps, trucks, suv, located in Colorado, St. Louis and Fl
The holdings group over 60 Luxe Brands worldwide
Luxe Colour International provides bespoke graphics and design services, vehicle wraps, interior

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